Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"You’re Worth It.....

That’s probably one of the best things anyone can ever say to you. That you’re worth it, or your existence means something to them. To have someone appreciate the fact that you’re you, that feeling is just indescribable. It’s the kind of feeling I don’t ever want to forget.

  Bag- Vintage
Shoes- BCBG
Shorts- Macys
Top- Thrift

"You Are Also ....

also a supporting character to a lots of people’s stories. You might even be the kind of stranger who unintentionally turns someone’s life around for the better.

 Coat- Thrift
Top- Cotton On
Jeans- Alloy
Shoes- Rue 21

“You Make Mistakes ....

because you’re focusing on the target and not on your actions"

Top- Thrift
Pants- Zara
Shoes- Sirens
 Hat- Dollarama
Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Free People
Shoes- BCBG
 Coat- Wal-Mart
Top- Forever 21
Bottoms- Pink Victoria's Secret
Boots- Sears
Bag- LV


Btw: I'm back in Florida
I want this bike.
It has everything.
A basket for flowers, A cup holder, Cushion seat, A trunk area and the color sells it on it's own ! 
 These adorable little Mexican girls
My Adorable nephew
My Handsome nephew 

Things I Like / Love

My President

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's Meet ?

If there are any bloggers/You Tubers in the Tampa Florida area and would like to meet up, email me !!!
 Top- Sirens
Skirt- Urban Planet
Boots- Wal-Mart

 30 day squat challenge complete !

West Edmonton Mall trip !!! Pt.3

 The Mushroom !!!
I thought it was going to be real.#Blonde
 This beautiful East Indian church
(I believe it was East Indian)

 Galaxyland at West Edmonton Mall

 Our snacks.
We were loaded up !

West Edmonton Mall Trip !!! Pt 2

Top- Urban Planet
Jeans- Levi (My Fav)
Shoes- Ardene

  We went to visit my boyfriends childhood home.

 Standing on a frozen river. Scary !

 This town was so cute !