Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer 2000 Was The Shit

 My New Bike !!!
Thanks Boyfriend !!!
 Top- Thrift

My Summer Fish

By the way: I am now writing for
Go over and check out all things to do in the Central Florida Area.
 Black Shawl- Rave
Top- Bluenotes
Tights- Ardene
Shoes- Body Central


That ComeBack

I got it

You do too

 Top- Body Central
Bottoms- Sirens
Boots- Walmart

I swear I Love You

My Dolls

Make this summer an amazing one. Unforgettable.

I can feel the positive vibes in air. Breath them.

 Top- Sirens
Skirt- Urban Behavior
Shoes- Shoezone
Earring- BSS

Beautiful Skin

I love all of my dolls

White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian....Everything.

But I'm really on this appreciate brown skin thing.

My brown babies...Make sure you love yourself. Ok

 Top- Cotton On
Bottoms- Bella Brazil

Freedom Summer

Hey my loves.

I am back in Canada !

& With blonde hair. It is kind of amazing that you can feel a way having different hair.

Black girls with blonde hair makes most people think that we are trying to be something we are not but in reality I feel free that I can do what I want, when I want and not care what others may think of me.

I change my hair a lot. But this may be one of my favorite.

  My first day back in Canada
Florida Tan
Top- Body Central
Top Cover- Rue 21
Bottoms- Ross
Top- Urban Behavior 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Best Time To ...

"Soak Up Anti-Depressant Rays- The morning light between 6am-9am"
 Shirt- Urban Planer
Coat- Thrift
Sorts- Thrift
Bag- Marshalls
Shoes- Charlotte Russe


"Best Time to Share Ideas Online....

"Now that you've got your big idea, set it loose on Twitter next Monday between 1pm and 3pm.- that's when bitly, the link shortening and tracking service, says is the best time for posting your link. Wait until Wednesday at 3 p.m. to post it on Facebookthis is the hottest time to post therealthough any weekday between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. is a high-traffic time with a high click-through rate. Also, Sat afternoons."
(One shirt. Two ways)
Top- Marshalls
Shorts- TJ Maxx
Boots- Blame Betty
 Bag- Marshalls
Shorts- Wal Mart
Shoes- Rue 21

Things I Like/ Love