Saturday, March 24, 2012

RIP Trayvon Martin

"Everything that's black ain't evil and everything that's white ain't pure....and I never thought that wearing a hoodie could cost you your life"


This is just a bunch of pictures I like that I have saved on my computer and wanted to share.

Sort of like, spring cleaning for my computer.
Black Hello Kitty Dolls!!!
 I love the side of her shirt.
If my boobs weren't so big I could do this.
Anyways, I would rock this entire outfit.
 When I go out, I stand out.
Doesnt matter what people think of me.
I'm me.
 I just really like this picture
 I love the 90's shorts.
I went through a phase this last summer where I hit up every thrift shop trying to find the perfect ones.
 I miss these old phones
 Love. Love Love!!!
I have earrings to match these
I just hope I left them at home and they weren't apart of my missing jewels from traveling :(
 This is the way I TRY and be
it's hard.
I'm me.
Flaws and all
I just love her platform sneakers

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sexy in the Cold

I don't know how to dress for the cold.
I'm a Floridian and we are all about being cute and fly.
But you can't play around with the Canadian cold

SO...when it comes time to dress warm, I try and balance the two.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This is what happens...

When you are in love with someone.
You wear things you told yourself you would never wear like cheetah print pants...

 Love makes you do crazy things.
As long as he finds it works :)

 Also, The people of Tibet were protesting outside of the Chinese Embassy.
You never really see this in the states.

Go people of Canada :)

Boots>Small boutique

Saturday, March 10, 2012

City Life

Yesterday I went around the city. I took some pictures. Canada was very nice in terms of the weather. Not to cold. Just right.

 Leatherette Jacket> Dots
Top> Body Shop
Earrings> Beauty Supply store

Downtown, Canada
 Downtown Canada

 Some Yummy Ramen


I was told that I look like I work at a pharmacy with this white coat, so the title is fitting.

A few days ago, we had to run some errands and this is what I wore. Surprisingly enough, my shoes were comfy but because they have a wedge and it was wet snow outside, every second I thought I was going to fall.

 Jacket- Rue 21
Sweater dress- Macys
Tights- Walmart
Knee Highs- Target
Boots- Rue 21

 Face forward...blah.
I try

 I was also told that my hair looks like Martha Steward...or old fashioned

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Blue

Back on my birthday, I went to this little rinky dink video store and they had this little stuffed animal game machine. I have never had any guy win me a stuffed animal so my Mr gave it a try and won me this little guy.
 A week ago, I went out around town. I didn't wear anything special, didn't do anything special with my makeup, but this is what I looked like that day. 
Below is an Icy river. How pretty is it?

 The traffic in the city.

There was a little thrift store and upstairs had this little tiny art gallery upstairs. 
Way too cute.
 The sign of the artist outside.

I love this post with all the posters
 Turkish Delights.
These are so good. Yum!

A cute little thrift store
 Cute little candy store.

I get the southern table even in Canada
Me playing in the park in the snow.

 Me again :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


These are just a few pics from Canada.
I have a lot more for future post.

This was my first time seeing, eating, being in snow.
Snow taste so yummy!
 My birthday gift from my boyfriend was a trip skiing.
(My birthday was the 22nd)
Omg...I cried.
It is not for me.
 and then he surprised me by secretly decorating the condo and my cake.



Another picture from a few weeks ago.

This skirt makes me feel like a cute little sailor.

Top> Forever 21
Skirt>Forever 21
Shoes> Khols


My Doll babies...
I think I have been away from my blog for 2 weeks. 
Let me explain....
1) I'm visiting a new country.
2) I'm using slower internet so it takes me forever to upload pics to blogger plus.
3) I am still in school so I'm always bogged down with homework while trying to enjoy my new surroundings.

These pics are also before I left Florida and spent time with my family. 

Top> Zara
Skirt> Jcpenny
Shoes> Shoe Carnival
 My beautiful niece
 My handsome Nephew
 My Loves.
My niece and nephews.
 Me :)
 Me and my nephew who just turned one today!
 My niece and I

 My sister & Nephew
 A little carnival they were having in town

Be back with more post Dolly's.