Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Still Christmas

...well, for me at least :)

I just got a bunch of gifts from my Lover Boy (My baby) Today.

Thank you Vanilla Bear !!!

 Floppy! He is finally home with Mommy :)
 Mr Bear above ^^^

 Chocolate Raisins> They are actually pretty good.

 Pink Gloves to prepare me for my upcoming trip to the freezing cold.
 Um...YUM! My first time having one. Chocolate with a gummy middle.

 I love love love my card!!!
Thank you baby.
 I love everything !!!


I just want to wish all of my blogger family a happy & safe New Years Eve and New Years day.

There is good chance I will be back with one or two more post today before the new year, if not BE SAFE!
and again, Thank you for reading.

I will leave you with some Web photos I took yesterday.

Friday, December 30, 2011

$5 Shoes!!!

There is a store back in my hometown where everything is $5 and I got these cute little shoes for that price.

Please excuse my outfit. I just tossed it on to take these shoe pics.

They remind me of the Miu Miu Platfrom Shoes that cost $495.00

My Top Photos of 2011

Also, I want to thank you all for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it ALOT!
And a special Thanks to my Russia reader! I only have one so you know who you are :)

2011 Haul

This haul is consisted of a bunch of stuff I have purchased over the past months and I never did a haul post for these items.
I didn't to go into 2012 with this haul so I"m doing it now.
Everything in this post I got on sale with a coupon or super duper cheap. Like all less than $4

Clean & Clear facial wash- I have a current face wash that works really well for my skin but I had a coupon and got this for super cheap and it's nice to have new beauty products.

Oxy face wash-Sometimes I get small breakouts from stress or pms or whatever & this has a high percentage of pimple fighting power

Breath Right Strips-Someone told me I snore 0___0 That's it. Lol

Covergirl Loose Powder- This will help matte my foundation

EyeLashes- All Like $0.99 cent (except one) from the beauty supply store
Black Lash Glue- Speaks for itself

Neutrogena Quad in blue smoke- I got this for some less than a buck so I bought it.

Revlon Shadow in shimmering sienna- Same as above, Less than a buck.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine- I have been wanting to try this FOVEVER and I finally got it at a super cheap price with a coupon so it was the perfect time to buy it

Walmart had 50% off all of their Christmas products so both of these sets were only $2.50

Love's Baby Soft- This is the classic baby smelling spray that every girl had in middle school. I still love it & it's perfect to use when I need a quick spray of something fresh.

Bodycology in Brown sugar Vanilla- It comes with the lotion, spray and a small lip gloss 

3 pack of socks- $1
Mirror & Tweezers- $1
Mini Strobe Light-  I purchased this in Oct from party city on sale for $2.50. I have a dance(strip) Pole and this will be a nice addition ;) 

True Blue Spa from Bath & Body works. I had a coupon from $10 off any $20 purchase so I got both items a little less than $10 because they were on sale.

I purchased the SUPER RICH BODY CREME-omg, it is the best lotion I have ever had. It is so thick and it leaves your legs looking so beautiful. I love all of the items from the true blue line.

True Blue spa apricot & white tea face scrub- I have been using a face scrub by Oil of Olay and although I love it, its so expensive and this sale was a perfect time for me to try a new one.

The first two items(Nail buffer & EZ engraver)  are from the dollar tree and the picture frame is from Micheals. It was on sale for like $0.60 cent.

Last but certainly not least, my mom got me these two pursed for Christmas. I usually carry super big bags but I like these. They will be easy to just throw a few items in & go.