Friday, September 28, 2012

The Canadian Ghetto

Hey Dolls!
So babe decided he wanted to show me the Ghetto. Lol

As is western Canada really has one. Lol

I can see if it was Toronto.

Anyways, Here are some pics from a few days ago.

 My outfit
Top>TJ Maxx
Tights>Body Central
 The back of my top
 My earrings.
I love them.
Purchased from local beauty supply

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Shirt I Did Up...

Hey Dolls.

How is it going? I hope all is well you all. My week has been cool.

Not much has been going on. I went to the gym the other day. I had a nice run on the treadmill-25 mins. I then got on the stair master but only for 5mins. Omg, That thing will kill you. Lastly, I did the bike machine which is so lame and I really don't think it works.

Anywho...I went out on the town and decided to wear my top that I DIY'd.

Corset Top-Fredricks of Hollywood (I aded all the extras)
Jeans-Bella Brazil

 My Mug
I've gotten my makeup application down packed. 
I always thought it was already done perfectly but after adding a couple of new products, it is even better.
If anyone is ever interested in what I use, email me or comment.
I do need to work on this tiny bag thats appearing under my eye.
It only pops up from time to time when I'm stressed of when my skin is going through some changes.

I love these shoes.
I got them from a store called Traffic when I was still in Florida. 
They were having a buy one get one 50% off on all sandals even clearance so I got these super cheap plus another pair half off for only $3.50
 Me playing in the water

See you guys soon

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My first day back...

Hey Dolls

I called this post my first day back but it was really my second day back in Canada.

I didn't get a pic of my outfit the first day because I was so sleepy, my flight left so early and I just couldn't get a pic once I landed because I was so jetlagged that I forgot.


Babe got me roses.
Awww :)

Earrings>Beauty supply
Shoes> $5 Fashions.

Someone hates my shorts. Not saying any names (Lol) but I love them so very much.
My body looks so nice and toned in this picture but I have only worked out 1x since being back.
I have to get back focused to keep what I have worked for.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Leaving Florida....again

Hey Dolls

If you are reading this post, you should know that I am no longer in Florida. I'm back in Canada for the time being.

The following pics are from my last couple of days with my family. Oh how I hate leaving them!

I wore this outfit out with my friends for a girls night.
Cool  classic and casual.
White top>Forever 21
Shorts>Guess jeans
 I was living in tee shirts the week before I left.
Purse>Rue 21

 Me and my boo (Nephew)
I loove this little boy!
 My princess (niece)
Auntie loves you!

 Walmart has these awesome new gourmet cupcakes.
I have tried the Vanilla bean and this is the Red velvet.
 And this little guy is my baby nephew. 
Isnt he just adorable!

Oh and the best thing....A Trader Joes opened in Florida! 
 You all have to try their mac and cheese. It is soooo good.
The best store bought mac and cheese ever! Next to Whole foods mac and cheese.
  Ok so...I went shopping at tjmaxx and this is the romper I found for $0.70!

 More tee shirts and shorts.
Top>Anchor blues
Shorts>Forever 21
 My mug
Ok so...I have been looking for the lipstick in smooth taupe and I can't find it!
so, when I purchased a new concealer by wet and wild it was horrible! 
I thought, instead of throwing it away, let me try it on my lips and waalaa!
Its a nice dupe for smooth taupe.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


The Skirt

Hey Dolls.

A few post ago I mentioned a skirt that I found when I went thrift shopping with my mom that I couldnt wait to show you guys.

I have been dying to wear it and I finally rocked it this weekend. I remember trying it on and the lady saying that it couldnt fit anyone any more perfect.

I agree!

Shoes>Rue 21
 It reminds me of the skirts the women used to wear back in the day. 

I agree

Quick OOTD

Dress>Forever 21
Shoes>Charlotte Russe

Friday, September 7, 2012

I miss

I loved the unexpected surprise of not knowing what the pictures would look like. It was like Christmas going to pick up the developed film.

The good old days.

Because of election time...

It reminded me of this.


And again...

I wore this outfit in Canada but I didnt get any good pictures of it.
Not only that but this skirt looks best with heels and I on;y got to wear it with heels for about 20mins while I was in Canada and had to switch to walk appropriate shoes...blah.

I was excited to wear it again in Florida

Not sure why im holding my neck weird. :sigh:
Top and skirt & shoes >Sirens

 Pavement crushers.
Love these shoes.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What everyone should have...


But more than love, everyone should have a partner that has their back. That adores them and loves them so much. There is this guy on my facebook and all he does is talk about his girlfriend. I know some people may get annoyed by it, but I find it adorable and amazing.

He goes on and on about how awesome she is. How she is the light of his life and how his everyday is worth it because of her. I could go on and on but you get the point. The boy loves this girl!

The following pics are just remind me about love.

These two.
My president & the first lady.
Everyone should hope for something like this.

 So true!

I spent the day with my mommy.

This past weekend my mom and I went shopping. We hit up Tj maxx and I found a shirt for $1 and romper for only $0.70 cent! My mom found some awesome deals as well.

We also went to the thrift store and I found this amazing skirt. I cant wait to show it to you guys.

I don't know what it is. Maybe because I am getting ready to go back to Canada that I miss my mommy all the time. I always want to be around her or if I am home away from her I am calling all day. Lol.
My sister as well. I call her at least 2x a day just to talk.

I have come to realize that my mom, sister, niece and nephews> These people are not only my family but my best friends as well. I don't know what I would do with out them.

Anyways. Here is my outfit from the day.

My Face
Simple pretty makeup.

 Top>Gift from mommy
Belt> Zara
Skirt> Dont remember, had it for a long time
Shoes> $5 fashions boutique. (Everything is $5!)