Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Music To My Ears

 Top- Dots
Tights- Ardene

Music: Kevin McCall- Sang to her, August Alsina- Love this shit, Prima J- Rock Star, Banks-Brain, Lana del Rey- Shades Of Cool, Etsy- Good Men, JLo-Tens, Lola- Gorgeous, Mshell- Good day bad, Childish Gabino-Candler Road, Kyson- Remi, L-Streetz- Out you feelings, Alice in chains- Man in the box, Love hate love. August Alsina- Downtown

Cleaning House

Cleaning is instant therapy. When your brain is muddy, take a shower, wash your hands, change your clothes. Spend 15 minutes straightening your living room. When you are angry, scrub things. I know it’s crazy but it works instantly.

The Canadian Military

Open Palms

Live your life with an open palm and give as much as you can and as often. At some point in your life, someone will lend you 50 bucks when you’re down on your luck. Remember how that feels. Remember to give that back.
 Top- Sirens
Bottoms- Rue 21
Shoes- Ross


Pay your bills on time whenever you can, although money is nothing. Remind yourself that.
Top- Sears
Jeans Body Central

My Randoms

Things I Like/ Love

Friday, September 5, 2014

Judging Books

Do not forget you were once ignorant of all you know now. Be patient of anyone who hasn’t had the education you have. Speak at the level of the person you are with - it’s not playing dumb, it’s being considerate. There’s no reason to make them feel uncomfortable. Plus then when someone starts going off about their superior IQ, you can cut them to pieces and watch their face when you do.
 Top- Forever 21
Shorts- Forever 21
Shoes- Body Central


 The worse you look, the more likely you are to run into someone you know so instead of feeling awkward, learn to be confident in sweats while talking to your friends.
 Bunny Headband- Dollarama
Top- Rue 21
Bottoms- Body Central
Bag- Gift


Think before you speak. When someone says something, mull over their words before answering. This is called listening, it is different than hearing.
 Top- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- Body Central DIY
Shoes- DSW

This Months Randoms : My Life

My New bag. In Love. 

Fun Nails :)
Super in love with my wallet.


 Gangsta old man :)