Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mini Haul !!!

Hey Dolls.
This is just a few things I picked up.

Pink Sweater and Blue Top- Sirens
Flower Pants and Black Mesh Leggings- Urban Planet
 Beanies, Dress, Hair rain protector- Army And Navy
 Shoes- Some Chinese Store ($10)

I have been wanting these stockings forever!
Finally got them!
Stockings- Topshop

Oh and a new pair of socks- I love them!

"Think of every choice in terms of what would thrill and delight me?"

Angry Birds!!!
I have never watched the cartoon.
And why is it so popular?

I have seen these cartoon characters take over.
When I purchased my Angry Birds T-shirt I only purchased it because I thought it was cute and would go perfectly with my striped pants.

 Lime Beanie- Winners
T-shirt- Sears
Shoes- Shoezone

"Sometimes we develop grand concepts of what happiness might look like for us, but if we pay attention, we can see that there are little symbols of happiness in every breath that we take."

 All black everything. 

"Some of us just put on our raincoats and splash forward, and some people go out and get deeply, resentfully, and miserably wet. No matter what, the rain falls."

Hey Dolls

 While downtown I took some pics of the Calgary courts. 
 I went in and asked if they had judges that wear white wigs...they don't. 
And a closeup of my makeup from that day.

Our Second Attempt At A Snow Man!!!

Hey Dolls!

I recently showed a post of me making my first ever snow man.
To sum up that experience: it came out weird. Lol

I was ready to go the second time around so this snow man came out even better. 

 We names him Maestro !
 Myself with Maestro :)

 I always engrave my snowman with my initials. 

 A close up
 We also built a big ass snow cinnamon bun!
 I love these shots.
I love all of the snow!

Chef Girl Are Me! : Cheesy Garlic Biscuits, Olive Garden Chicken And Gnocchi soup , Donuts From A Can AND Chicken Carbonara !!!

4 New Recipes!!!
All of these things were cooked a long while ago...again, before my healthy eating change.

I am not sure if you all like reading my food post so I am not sure if I should keep posting them.

Every single one of these recipes came out amazing!
The only one I need to retry in order to make better would be the Cheesy Garlic Biscuits. They were not fluffy and as soft as I would like.

Cheesy Garlic Biscuits
Here is the link to the ingredients and Directions:
 Olive Garden Chicken And Gnocchi Soup 
(I want to point out that this taste JUST like it! So good!)
Here is the link to the ingredients and Directions:
 Donuts from a can. See pic below 
 (This one is so easy and so AMAZING!)
All you need is a can of biscuits. I love these!
Here is the link to the ingredients and directions:
 The next few pictures is for the Loaded chicken pasta carbonara. 

 SO good!
I used two different recipes. One for the main dish and a second for the sauce.
Here are the links to the ingredients and directions: 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Imagine the choices you’d make if you had no fear—of falling, of losing, of being alone, of disapproval."

Hey Dolls!

I don't know if I am the only one that finds it hard to be super sexy in the winter.
If you live in the south like where I am from- Florida, it is easy to be sexy year round because it never gets too cold.
But now that I live in Canada, it impossible when you have to double your stockings, double your coat, gloves, boots, ear muffs...the whole nine.

On this freezing day I had to run out and I decided to throw on a dress that is particularly made for the summer but of course with the coat and stockings, gloves and everything I would be toasty.

Now...originally I did not think much of this outfit but when I added the coat, I was like wow! This outfit is sexy!

Coat-Body Central
Dress- Victoria's Secret

 Face of the day.
Bright and colorful :)
 Coat- Burlington Coat Factory
Belt- Small Boutique
Bag-Nine West
Shoes-Gift from mom
Faux Fur-H&M

2 in 1 : What I Do When I Blog And A Small Haul!!!

Candles And Wine.
I have to get in the mood :)
 All while I give my feet a much needed massage and rest :)
 And a little more wine. Lol
 My Haul
Red pants- Old Navy
White Tee- Old Navy
Belt- H&M
Lotion and Sprays- Victoria's Secret
 Ring- Suzy Sheir
 Blue Pants- Ardene
Dress- Sirens
Red Sleep Shorts- La Senza

Chef Girl Are Me! Italian Chicken Casserole, Marshmallow Fluff Treats And Cream Cheese Pineapple Pie !!!

Hey Dolls!

Here are some more recipes that I cooked, loved and ate before my healthy eating change.

I hope you try them and love them like I did!

Italian Chicken Casserole
Here is the link to the ingredients and directions:

Rice Krispy Treats
Here is the link to the ingredients and directions:

Cream cheese pineapple pie
Here is the link to the ingredients and directions:,1837,148187-242207,00.html