Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween !!!

Have a fun & safe night.

I will be back tomorrow with my weekend pics ;)

Masquerade Princess

I took these pics the other day of my nephews and niece. I will try to get better pictures from their mom when they are fully made up in their costumes.

Hulk, Mario, Gangsta Girl.


Just for laughs

I love Stewie's little bad ass.


So Cute!

I know I have mentioned this before but I love all things Japanese, Chinese & Asian in general. Especially their dolly clothing styles..
These girls are sugar sweet cute :)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dollar Tree Haul !!! Part 2

If you scroll down below, you will see part 1 which consisted of beauty products.
Part 2 will show all of the other random items I purchased.

Reminder: The dollar tree is a store where EVERYTHING is $1.

All of this = $9

 ~Kids wipes - I think it's important for ladies to keep wipes in their purse. It's better than just tissue...if you know what I mean. #sofresh soclean
~Shower cap- I thought this was really cute and the flowers make it kind of old school. Loves it. (cant get my weave wet) Lol
~Socks- They are so fluffy and perfect for the upcoming winter.

~Portable Ipod speaker- This is so cute and perfect for only $1!
~Winnie The Pooh Watch- How adorable is this! I'm so going to wear it.
~Princess Watch- I love anything princess. I was thinking about keeping this in my collection or just giving it to my niece.

 ~Portable mirror w/stand- I needed this. I don't have a compact at all :what:! So this is perfect for on the go & the best part is that is has a stand so I can sit it down while I fix my makeup. Win!
~Cone mask- I know this is extra random but when I clean, especially a deep clean around the house, I can not stand the fumes from the cleaning products so I am so happy I found these.
~ 3 in 1 foot scrubber- I need this. Point blank period. Keep the feet nice. Lol ;)

This below is for N.J.
Just needed to show you the Nutella ;)



I don't know who they are...but this is my kind of couple....all with the matching sneaks.
Lol ;)



My next Tat

Will be something like this...but possibly in Arabic

:pic found on tumblr:


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Sneaks

I never wear sneakers. I have had this particular pair for 6 yrs!!!
Anywho, I wore this out today when I went to the store.

 Red Top> Hot topic
Sweater> Forever 21
Leggings> Charlotte russe
Roo Sneakers > Some random hip hop store

Also, all of my eye makeup is from :DRUMROLL:......The Dollar Tree!!!
And it came out so well.
Go head Dollar makeup Lol :)

That's right !!!

I want to point out that i'm neither republican or democratic but I do support my president ;)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dollar Tree Haul !!!

This Haul is going to be done in 2 parts. It would have been too much to put everything in one post.
The Dollar Tree (for those of you who don't have one) is a store where EVERYTHING is $1.
Not a penny more.
 3 pairs of eyelashes. I also want to point out that the dollar store sells really great eyelash glue. It's a little runny but once it dries, my eyelashes don't move at all.
2 make up brushes. One blush brush and one bronzer blush.
 1 auto eyeliner ( a friend suggested this)
 1 eyeliner/eyebrow pencil with sharpener
 1 liquid eyeliner in black (I read a negative review on this after I bought it but I will try myself and review it)
 1 Mascara. It is two in one = One side is a highlighter top coat and the other is the black base coat. Excited to try this.

 Eyeshadows! I got some really great fall/winter colors.
Left > Right
Boardwalk, Dusk till dawn  (This reminds me of the colors in the Naked pallet), Precious, Tiki Punch.
 E.sen.cia hair mouse by Samy.
My hair is currently wavy to this will do good for defining the waves.


Ride or Die

Me & Mine

 He is my North. I am his South.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Copy Kat

I'm going to get a top just like this to wear for me & mine.



"Tat my fucking name on you so I know it's real"
"Chest nice, not a fucking wrinkle in my ass"

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Way: Beautiful Child

I saw this runway ready to wear outfit online and wanted to recreate it asap!
I love the long dress and the sweater. The dress is so summer but with the sweater it moves into winter very nicely.
Dress>Victoria Secrets
Jacket> Rue 21
Belt> Unkown

Big Lots Haul!

Big Lots is a discount store that sells everything. It's not very popular but you can find some great things there.

 Epielle Cucumber cleansing tissues> They smell so good! The downside is that it takes 2 wipes to do what 1 should. Cost-$1.00
 No name highlighter brush> This brush reminds me of a foundation brush by MAC. The back says its best used for powders but I have enough powder brushes so I want to give it a try as a foundation brush.
 Maybelline pure makeup in dark 3 > I tried this on my hand and it seems like it may be too dark for my face so I will have to end up using it as a contour. Sucks! I was excited about this at first because it is oil free which is great for me because I have really oily skin. Cost-$2.00

Yummy In my Tummy

My sweet intake is becoming a problem.
But I love it.

Anywho...This cake is misleading. It looks good but it wasnt good! :(


Love Inspiration


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Love Love

I love couples who match !!!

Cooley High Sweethearts <3

CVS Haul !!!

I have been meaning to do this post over a week ago. Two Sundays ago I purchased the Sunday paper & it had a coupon inside for $8 off of any Covergirl purchase.
So, CVS had buy one get one 50% off of Covergirl. Um...Win!

SO...I got these 4 blushes for a grand total of > .44Cent!

The NYC Lipstick and lip pencil was buy one get one 50% off also so it was $1.50 for those two items.

 Left to right >Brick rose, Golden Pink, Deep plum, Pretty peach.
 Lip liner> Naughty nude. Lipstick> Ruby
 I tried to do swatches but my cam does not pick up the color well at all. '___' Sorry.


Birthday Princess!!!

Happy Birthday to the best mommy God ever made. I love you more than myself pretty lady! :)
I love you so very much mom!

Friday, October 21, 2011


I love this shit.


I cook chicken all the time. I'm the Stereotype.  :but I never burn it:



I love this girl.

Short & feisty.


My way

I saw this pic of Amber Rose and really liked the outfit  so I decided to recreate it in my own way.

A week or so ago I wore this outfit when I took a stroll to the market. I'm missing the head phones that I want so bad!

Black Tank> Forever 21
California shirt > University of California: Berkeley
Black hoodie> Macy's
Pants>Guess Jeans
Combat boots> Charlotte Russe
Bag> Rue 21

Btw: I covered my face bc I was having a bad face day. Blah '___'