Thursday, January 31, 2013

Princess Hair

Hey Dolls!

(Is it annoying reading 'Hey Dolls' all the time?)
I know I follow some girls on youtube and they say Hey Dolls all the time and I want to scream 'Shut up!'
So, if it is annoying, tell me and I will come up with another greeting.

Anyways, I love hairstyles that look "princess-y"
So when I did my hair like this, I loved it!

 Just a basic black outfit. 

 Same outfit, only with a coat, scarf and pink gloves. .
I have to brave this Canadian winter. 
By the way, these pics are also before the 10lb drop.


Hey Dolls!
I love the color Mint...I think everyone loves the color Mint.
Well, These particular earrings that I am wearing, I originally saw them in the store and didn't buy them. I loved them but didn't get them.
After thinking about them for at least a month I went back and purchased them. They were buy one get one free or half off!

Mint Earrings- Call It Spring
Mint Head Scarf- Random store
 This Picture is before my 10lb weight loss.
I will label all of my pics that are before the weight loss which happens to be a lot of upcoming pictures and post, which kind of gives away how far behind in posting I am....Sowwy!
 Shirts- Gift from friend
Belt- Hot Topic
Bottoms- Macys
Converse Inspired Sneakers- $5 Fashions 
 With the weight drop and my healthy change I hope to keep the boo-tay!

God is great, God is joy, God is peace, God is love

Just something to remember.

Hey Dolls!
I hope everyone is having a great week!

I havent posted in a few days because my back has been hurting. Ugh. Like, I don't even want to sit and write. I think it's my breast. Always has been. I am a yea.

(These pics are before my 10lb weight loss)
 Top & Bottom-Sirens
Belt- Small boutique in Florida
 Faux Fur- H&M

Why Are These Chicks So Pretty & Fly

When I was 18 I used to work at Victoria's Secret. There became my obsession with this Angel. 
Adriana Lima
She is just so gorgeous. 
One of the most beautiful women in the world. 
 And Rihanna. 
I just love this chick.
Her style and attitude.
She is everything. 

On The C Train

I love these beautiful historic Canadian buildings. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Eat Your Heart Out Diet !!!

Lose 10+ lbs in 7 days!!!

And yes, It really does work
And you know why?
Because I did it myself and lost.....10.2 lbs!!!!

Ok, So Thursday was my last day.
I weighed myself after day 4 and after day 6 and lastly after day 7 on day 8.

I will not even lie to you. This diet was hard and took lots of discipline and restraint.

Some things I learned.
1.) After being on this strict diet, I can totally transition to a healthy, low calorie, low fat, overall better way of eating. Once you eat nothing for 7 days, anything taste better after that
2.) This diet was worth it. Seeing myself getting skinnier, having my pants go on with ease makes the 7 days so worth it. 
3.) Snacking on food when I'm not even really hungry or because I'm bored is so stupid. Giving that up now.
4.) I will always love good food but as long as I eat healthy and work out, I can totally treat myself and have good, fattening food from time to time.
5.) After having no salt or butter or anything good like that for 7 days, I don't need as much salt as I used to use. I can def cut back. I don't need as much butter as I used to use. I can def cut back
6.) I should be drinking more water. Point blank  Period

Now on to the pictures plus details and explanations.

Ok so day one is nothing but fruit. literally, that is it.
I ate Cantelope, Honey Dew Melon, Strawberries, Oranges and Mangoes.
I hated this day because I seriously got tired of eating sweet fruit. 

The creators of this 7 day diet recommend taking some multivitamins, vitamin c and a few others. 
I took Vitamin C every day 
as well as 
Chromium tablets every day and I actually continue to take them now.
They are designed to help breakdown carbs, sugars, fats and turn them into healthy energy. 
Pretty much to help the bad stuff from going to your fat cells. 
 Day 2 was Veggies only but you are actually allowed to eat one potato this day which includes butter!
I died when I ate that Potato..soo good!
On veggie day I ate plain Coleslaw- so nasty!
Broccoli, Cauliflower and carrots. 

 Some of the seasons I used. All Salt free. 

 THE Potato!
Butter and Pepper only. No Salt

(Day 3 is just day 1 and 2 combined)
(Also, I only drank water. No juice or anything for 7 days)

Day 4 was Banana and milk day only.
You are allowed to sub the milk for low fat, low cal Yogurt
 On Banana day I made a smoothie for breakfast 
and for lunch and dinner I just ate whole Bananas and 2 more yogurts. 
 Day 5 is Fowl and Tomatoes.
So, you can have chicken, turkey or fish- As much as you want plus up to 6 tomatoes. 
 I baked my chicken and blended my tomatoes to make a sauce. 
I was only able to eat 2 tomatoes this way. I HATE tomatoes.
Also- I used Ms. Dash for the chicken. Remember- No salt.

(Day 6 is the same as day 5 except instead of tomatoes you eat veggies)
(Omg,  I was so tired of chicken that I wanted to die)
(On day 6 I just baked my chicken with some lemon and pepper)

Day 7 is cabbage soup day.

 I don't know if this looks good or not but I hated it!

In conclusion- I lost 10.2 lbs and it was worth it. Hard but worth it.
If anyone has any questions or even a support system if you plan to do this just comment or email me.

I didn't cheat one time!
Please don't cheat and you WILL see results.

(Do your research or contact your doctor before trying any diet)

Watch my review of this diet on youtube!


I don't know.
The black clothing plus the color of the skirt makes me think of blackberries.
Sometimes I hate coming up with titles for post. Lol

 Top- Forever 21
Skirt- Urban Planet
Boots- Shoezone
Necklace- Rue 21

Some Inspiration That I Have Been Loving

Makeup : Cranberry Bomb

Frosted Cranberry Lid
Perfect for a cold winter day :)

Where Have I Been For A Week?

On a 7 day diet.
It went great and I will be doing a separate post on that today...
but during that time....I don't think I was thinking straight enough to write a post.
Lack of food + thinking = Delusions.

Before my diet this was a bunch of the food I was eating and cooking + recipes.

I was obsessed with ice cream for a while. Like everyday.
Vanilla and sprinkles. 
  1 cup of watermelon chopped
1 orange.
1oz of simple syrup
Peach juice
A few shots of vodka
Mix it all in a blender and enjoy :)

This was really good. 
I rate it a solid A
It is Chinese rice and chicken.
Here is the link to the recipe and directions.

Enjoy for me because unfortunately i'm on this new health kick :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Night Out

Hey Dolls!

A started a 7 day diet today.
Today is fruit day. All I can eat is fruit...
More on that in another post.

Anyways here is a quick OOTN

 Earrings- Ava's accessories. 
Jacket- Ross
Dress- Body Central

 My Makeup- I changed my hair so I wanted to do something that matched the colors in it. 
It actually came out really well and I need to do this makeup again!