Thursday, August 30, 2012

How To Darken Synthetic Hair !!!

Hey Dolls!

This post is just some quick information I found useful when trying to darken synthetic hair.

As you all know, it is impossible to dye synthetic hair because the fiber they use does not absorb the dye. I have seen some youtube tutorials where they tell you to use fabric dye such as rite or speedball paint. Both methods are messy. Another reason the speedball paint method is bad is because you have to mix it with alcohol, it smells and just a headache.

The two products I used below helped me darken sythetic hair that was too blonde to a more brown, honey blonde color that would fit my brown skin.

 Streaks N Tips > This is a brown spray that tints the hair brown and it really works well.
Fanci Full in Plush Brown> This is a liquid that you apply to the dry hair. When you apply it at first it is dark but when it dries it is not as dark as when it is wet so you have to reapply until you get the desired color you want.
#I used both together to get the brown color I wanted

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My nephew

Let me tell you...He is my little heart. He is so caring.
We were at the beach and his older sister went out a little to far on her float and she couldnt touch the bottom so he came and got me and told me "Go save my sister!"

and his little brother tried to get on the same float and he was a little man and said "No Zion. No I am not letting you get on!"

Anyways, here are some photos of him.


Him & his sister made these cupcakes. So good!

Vera Wang

I looove this dress. It is by Vera Wang for her Simply line with Khols.


I am obsessed with Tattoos.

I have 2 tats and of course I want more....I even paid for my sisters first tat. Thats how much I love them.

I love her thigh Tat. So sexy. I would totally get this.
 I know this is an older woman but she looks cool as hell.

I love Bohemian people.

My style is all over the place. I dress according to my feeling for the day. It can be girly, rocker, Vixen...whatever.

What I really love is the Bohemian style. I think in my past life...this was my style.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

After the beach...

We went to McDonalds

We got all this for the cheap.
This never would have happened in Canada
 And my nephew.
Love this little boy :)

Beach Day !!!

It has been over a year since I have been to the beach. When you grow up close to the beach you take it for granted and having been away, I have missed it like crazy. My moms lives right down the road so my family and I made a trip there today.

I had so much fun. Lots of pics below...

I won't comment on every pic bc it's way too many.

Me on the way to the beach.
My mommy got me this cover up for my bday maybe 2years ago. This is my first time wearing it.
 My gangsta...Lol. Not!
 My baby nephew in his cute little shorts.

 My gorgeous niece.



 Haha! I look crazy!

 My beach face!