Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Happiness

These are just some photo's that I really love right now and make me smile, happy or are just really awesome.
When I have a daughter, She will have this same outfit. How cute?!
 I love this tree.
 How fierce is this pic?
I have to try this.
 So sweet...

 Live your life!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

To my love.

I can't wait to spend the entire day with you and just enjoy being in your company.

I love you

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Romantic, Sexy And All That

Have you ever had an outfit or dress that made you feel so sexy or romantic?
Well this outfit made me feel really great and I love it.

Top & Purse> Rue 21
Skirt>Jcpenny or Forever 21
Shoes & Belt> Local boutique

 I'm really getting into purple lipstick.
Dark, medium, light.
I'm loving it all.

 I tried to do a mini photo session :)
 "walk like Naomi"
Anyone know that rap song?
 Some wild life.
 Doesnt this little duckie look like the phone from Jersey Shore?
SO cute.
 This new million dollar bridge they built here in Canada.
Nice right?
But the thing is that this bridge was not needed bc there are two other bridges right near it.
 The inside.
 Me inside the bridge.
I switched to flats

 Sorry this one didn't upload correctly and It's just too much work to go back and fix it. 
 Take a bow :)
 It was so windy. I'm trying to get my hair out of my face


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dime Piece

I made this shirt while back in Florida & I love it

 My face of the day
 Outside shoes. 
They were like $1 or $2 from the dollar place here in Canada


I love wearing pink. I love anything girly girl and sweet looking.

I know i'm from America but im temporarily a Canadian Eh!
Lol :)

 Top> Forever 21
Skirt>Forever 21
Shoes>Some local boutique
Necklace-Hot topic

 My treats.
Juice-Mango smoothie
Yogurt and Gelato
Watermelon and Coconut flavor

Back To Black

This is the first set of pics I took with my black hair.
Cute right? :)

 Top> Victoria secrets college line University of Miami
Shorts>Not sure maybe Macys
 Shoes> Charlotte Russe
I love these things. I never get to wear my heels in Canada but these are a great alternative. 

 I love this blush by Mac. 
It's so girly and pink!
It's called Sweetness.
Not sure if they sell i at the Mac store anymore because I found it at an CCO store.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Inspiration

 Love yourself first!

Berry Sweet

My pants are the color of berries. It's one of my favorite lip colors. Not so much the best color for pants but makeup>Yes.

Oh...and this is the last photos I have of me with the blonde hair. Adios team blonde :)

 This is me feeding the geese again :)
My outfit
Combat boots>Charlotte Russe

 I was so nervous feeding him so close
Purse>Rue 21
 Just a pic of the birds.
 Some signs in China town.

 Cool statue
 The fire hydrants are green here in Canada. 
I'm used to the red hydrants in America
 Look at the cute bunny!
 Cute Gophers!!!
 He is eating the bread I fed him.

See you guys soon!