Sunday, February 24, 2013

My First Attempt At A Snow Man!!!

I have never built a snow man.
So, I was extremely excited to do it for the first time!

Unfortunately, It is not easy the way they make it look on TV
But babe made it easier and fun.

:Pic Heavy:
The Start

 Don't judge me...but before the snowman...this is what formed. Lol
 A heart in the snow
 The final creation!

 Myself with Goofy :)

 A close up of his face :)
 My Initials


  1. Hang you made a white d**k really big, kissed it...hugged on it...and this made the d smile...? Is that whas happenin here? lol!

    1. No...the final creation was just a silly looking-gumpy type snow man. Lol