Monday, February 24, 2014

11 Facts About Me !

1.) I have one sister and I am the baby
2.) I am ultra sensitive and very true to the Pisces sign
3.) I have a degree in Communications
4.) My Schooling was paid for with a full academic scholarship
5.) I have been fascinated with/and writing poetry since the 6th grade
6.) I received a small grant/scholarship toward my first novel
7.) I have only had 2 relationships ever.
8.) Both have been white
9.) I am a die hard romantic
10.) I have 2 tattoos (Ribs, Collar bone) and 4 piercings (Ears, Cartilage of ears, Belly Button, Nipples)
11.) I was born & raised in Florida but currently residing in Canada for the past 2 years

 Top- Isaac Mizrahi
Tights- Forever 21
Cardigan- Target
Boots Urban Planet
Purse- Nine West



  1. It was nice knowing more about you! Didn't know you live in Canada.

    1. Thank you !
      & Yes I'm currently in Canada :)