Friday, November 29, 2013

My Ideas behind outer beauty....

Of course the inside is the most important but when it comes to the outside, there are a few things that are super important to me...

 Top- Sirens
Pants- Sirens
Stomach Chain- H&M
 The boy took this picture. He loves my profile and my little bump on my nose.
 1.) Skin. Take care of your skin. It is your foundation and makes everything else come together.
2.) Eyebrows. I love a good brow. It can make or break your face.
3.) Nice straight white teeth.
4.) Good hair. If my hair is a mess, I feel a mess.
 5.) Eyelashes. Omg, they complete everything.
6.) Working out and eating healthy. Extremely important
7.) Smell. I love when people smell nice
8.) Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.


  1. Love those pants!!

  2. confidence is everything!
    and, i am sooooo with you on eyebrows.
    people don't take them seriously enough - they can make or break your face, haha.

    1. Yes Ma'am! Confidence and good eyebrows, all I need in life. Lol

  3. UR 1 HOTT juicy ladeeeeey!! lol ;) Nice pics! ;) U have gorg eyes and a hott shape! x x

  4. Confidence is key to pulling off any look! It's the best accessory!
    My eyebrows are naturally fine, so I couldn't do without my handy eye brow pencil and brow brush! x

  5. you look beautiful and I love the beauty tips.

    it's very much true also that "the inside beauty" is very important.

    1. Thank you! & Yes, The inside is the most important.

  6. How beautiful! I love your style and your make up =)

  7. Your right abt confidence...still learning to get the right eyebrows tho..I looove ur blog template