Monday, December 9, 2013

Huge Haul!

These are some things I have purchased from Dollar tree, H&M, Army & Navy, Dollarama, Asian Market, Apple, Salvation Army.

I have quite a few other things not included in this post. I will try to do another haul soon.

Apple Ipod- This was actually a gift from the boo. I really needed a new one. Half the screen was gone on my last one. 
 From the Asian Market
Crab balls- Maybe I don't know how to cook them but they don't taste very good.
Cute Pastry
Roasted Seaweed
 I have seen people on YouTube eating these like chips. Did I buy the wrong ones because they were disgusting. Omg.
Pisces 2014 book
Cute earrings
Princess headband
Piggie hat (The boo says I look like a piggy when I do sit ups. Lol)
Pampers Wipes. (Yes, yes and yes again)
Nurse Kitty
 Army & Navy
Blue Scarf
Army socks
Exfoliating gloves
Flower scarf
Button up shirt
Burnt orange beanie
Cream scarf
 Dollar Tree
Shopping bag
Pink & blue socks
Pink  & blue hat
Simple face wipes
Cupcake note pad
Ariel head bands.
 Salvation Army
Dollarama- Colorful bracelet

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