Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black Girl With Nature

I have completely fallen in love with nature. Now, for a black girl who hates bugs and feeling dirty, that's big! I feel something bigger than all of us when I look at these amazing waterfalls and rivers...everything is more than just us. Life is bigger than us and it makes you reevaluate things. I can say that although I still have life problems just like everyone else, I now am much calmer and take things on a day to day bases.
Seeing so many different cultures enjoy this scenery was special. What was even more amazing is the fact that I climbed to the top of the water fall in flip flops! There are clearly signs that say 'do not pass' but there was no way I was leaving there without doing it.
One last thing, there was this amazing guy who had something wrong with his legs. I don't know of his condition but he climbed as far as he could go. I wanted to cry because at one point he had to stop but there were other people way to afraid to even attempt, and this guy did.
These are the people who inspire and push you to do more. 

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