Tuesday, October 28, 2014


When you find your QUEEN, you will immediately notice that she’s different. She will walk a certain way and speak eloquently. She will make your mother smile and make your exes angry. She will behave like a lady in public but in private.. she will make sure that not a single part of your body goes untouched. Her hands will feel like what you imagined magic to be as a child. She won’t go to social networks to expose you when times are rough. She will sit you down, and speak to you.. Not talk at you. She will pray for you when you’re wounded and correct you delicately when you’re wrong. She will teach you mystery is not dead. She will captivate you so deeply that you will want to be good to her. She will not have to remind you that she’s a diamond. You will know that from the time you meet her.
She will cook for you..and sometimes with you. Every recipe won’t be perfect but you will still think she is.
You will forget what morning breath is when you open your eyes to kiss her. You will roll over in your sleep just to catch a glimpse of what it looks like when she dreams about you. You will fall in love with her freckles and scars and remember how gorgeous flaws are when she’s wearing them. You might find yourself staring at her often. Randomly. She will change you without your permission.
Just remember to remind her that her crown can never fall if you see it getting heavy.
Most importantly, show her that all this time you’ve been waiting to be a King for a woman like her."
 Dress- Victoria's Secret
Shoes- Ross

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