Friday, September 2, 2011

Wet & Wild

I purchased a few things about 2 days ago.
Walgreens was having an awesome sale.
75% of all things wet & wild was on sale for 99Cent!
I had to stop myself from going crazy. Everything I purchased is pictured below.

Left > Right. Think Pink 901B. Just Peachy 903c. Cherry Bomb 918d. Mocha-licious 914c. On to nail polish. Fast Dry 233c in How I met your Magenta. Fast Dry 229c in Ebony hates Chris. Fast Dry 237c in Grays Anatomy. Fast Dry 224c in The wonder yellows. Wild shine in French White. Megalast 211a in Club havana. Next is the lip liners top to bottom 712 willow. 711 chestnut and the one gloss Megaslicks 564a in Cherish

I want to mention that all of these lipsticks are matte which is my favorite type. They go on dry which is perfect and you can always add gloss for more shine. Also, Think Pink 901B is a great dupe for Macs Pink Friday or St Germain.

A closer look. Not Pictured is Think pink 901B. BTW: My camera does not do the color justice. For those wanting to know, I use a simple point & shoot Canon.

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