Thursday, March 1, 2012


My Doll babies...
I think I have been away from my blog for 2 weeks. 
Let me explain....
1) I'm visiting a new country.
2) I'm using slower internet so it takes me forever to upload pics to blogger plus.
3) I am still in school so I'm always bogged down with homework while trying to enjoy my new surroundings.

These pics are also before I left Florida and spent time with my family. 

Top> Zara
Skirt> Jcpenny
Shoes> Shoe Carnival
 My beautiful niece
 My handsome Nephew
 My Loves.
My niece and nephews.
 Me :)
 Me and my nephew who just turned one today!
 My niece and I

 My sister & Nephew
 A little carnival they were having in town

Be back with more post Dolly's.

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