Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Blue

Back on my birthday, I went to this little rinky dink video store and they had this little stuffed animal game machine. I have never had any guy win me a stuffed animal so my Mr gave it a try and won me this little guy.
 A week ago, I went out around town. I didn't wear anything special, didn't do anything special with my makeup, but this is what I looked like that day. 
Below is an Icy river. How pretty is it?

 The traffic in the city.

There was a little thrift store and upstairs had this little tiny art gallery upstairs. 
Way too cute.
 The sign of the artist outside.

I love this post with all the posters
 Turkish Delights.
These are so good. Yum!

A cute little thrift store
 Cute little candy store.

I get the southern table even in Canada
Me playing in the park in the snow.

 Me again :)

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