Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is just a bunch of pictures I like that I have saved on my computer and wanted to share.

Sort of like, spring cleaning for my computer.
Black Hello Kitty Dolls!!!
 I love the side of her shirt.
If my boobs weren't so big I could do this.
Anyways, I would rock this entire outfit.
 When I go out, I stand out.
Doesnt matter what people think of me.
I'm me.
 I just really like this picture
 I love the 90's shorts.
I went through a phase this last summer where I hit up every thrift shop trying to find the perfect ones.
 I miss these old phones
 Love. Love Love!!!
I have earrings to match these
I just hope I left them at home and they weren't apart of my missing jewels from traveling :(
 This is the way I TRY and be
it's hard.
I'm me.
Flaws and all
I just love her platform sneakers

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