Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chef Girl Are Me : Chicken & Waffles Edition

Hey Dolls.

I believe this is the first non-healthy food related recipe post that I have done in a while.

I had been craving chicken and waffles for awhile.
Being that I won't be in Atlanta anytime soon to get some, I cooked my own.

This is very simple to make.
I put some already made waffles in the microwave to warm them and then tossed them into the toaster in order to make them crispy.
I battered and fried the chicken.
Now, in order to be a healthy version without frying, just add some shake and bake and bake them.


  1. this look sooo good, I have 4 lbs to lose before I can treat myself to chicken and waffles

    1. Girl, It was! Lol
      I made my goal weight so I just ate it :)