Friday, July 26, 2013

Be Nice To Someone Today !

I love summer.

You get to dress naked. I love naked. Lol
I love tan lotion, blonde hair, brown skin, grilling, beaches, festivals, all of it.
This day, I went out and did some side walk art.
And hiked up a super huge hill but mosquitoes literally killed me.

Top- Victoria Secret College Line. My School USF
Shorts- Blue Notes
Belt- Zara
Shoes- MJM Shoes

The Start.

I thought I was done but I forgot my rose. 

My Message to people. 

My Summer jump 1

My summer jump 2

The bridge

There is this little free neighborhood library.
You take a book and give a book. 
Omg, I love it!

Ok, So this is when I hiked up the huge hill. I couldn't even take in the beauty of it because of MOSQUITOES! 

The city behind me. 
I look weird because the bugs were attacking. 
I couldn't stand still