Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Impression Perfumes. Good or Bad?

Hey Dolls!

Have you all ever tried Impression Perfumes?

They are different from Knock off Perfumes because they are not hiding the fact that they were inspired by the real thing. Just at a much cheaper price and different name.

The issue when it comes to Impression Perfumes is that they can sometimes have too much alcohol where they make your head hurt or they smell terrible.

I recently went crazy buying impression perfumes because they were $3 and they actually smelled really good.

Here are a few of the ones I purchased.

The last one pictured (Touch) is my least favorite.

Kitty Girl Pink- This one is an impression of  Katy Perry More. It smells so pretty and sweet like sugar. 
Touche Verdict For Her- This one is an impression of Gucci Guilty. It has a deep slightly sweet yet masculine smell. Very different and very nice. This one also last the longest of all.
Enjoy It Today! - This one is an impression of Justin Bieber Someday. It smells sweet and girly. Very Nice. 

La Vida Loca - This one is an impression of Viva La Juicy. It smells sweet yet woodsy in a way. It is not girly to me but more mature smelling. Like perfect for a 25 year old when she moves away from girly smells if that makes sense. 
Touch -This scent is an impression of Coach. Lord, I hate this one. I need to keep smelling it to make sure of it but every time I try to like it again, it makes me sick all over again. It smells like an old lady with bad perfume. 


  1. Yeah, I've tied some impression perfumes myself. They don't last that long though for me.