Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Oct Favorites

Hey Loves.

I don't usually do these but I had some things I really loved this month so I thought I would share.

Hard Candy Glow all the way- I Love this product. I use it during the summer on my legs along with my Johnson's baby oil and it gives the most beautiful color and look. Sexy. I have been using it recently on my face added with my makeup and it makes the consistency thick and creamy. It also makes my skin look glowy and beautiful.
Hard Candy Lite Bright- I recently purchased this and I use it under my eye because it is a brightening concealer. OMG, I couldn't stop looking at myself when I used this. It was so pretty. Where has then been all of my makeup life?!
Mac Fix + - Ok, So I have had this product and never really used it a lot. Recently, I have been reaching for it every time I do my makeup and it makes everything come together perfectly.
Halloween White Makeup stick- I found this at the dollar store. It is just a basic white stick that you use for Halloween. I have been using it as a base for my eye shadow and it is amazing. I freaking love it and for $1 it is well worth it!

Mio water enhancer. - I always use crystal light for my water. I never ever drink juice. This Mio in mango peach is sooo good and amazing. Just try it for real.
Milani  Loose Makeup Powder- Milani makes amazing products. I found this one at the dollar store in the states. Let me tell you, when I use this to set my under eye concealer, it gives the most beautiful brightening look. So pretty.
Luminessence In Pumpkin Pie- Ok, this can also e found at the dollar store. $1 yall. I swear on everything that this particular one gives Bath & Body works pumpkin candles a run for their money. It makes my entire living room and kitchen smell AMAZING!
Hottest (Dupe for BeyoncĂ© Heat)- You can usually find this dupe at a store like Rainbow. I purchased this for $3 on a whim and I don't regret it and I need to buy another one because I know I will use this up for the winter.  The smell is warm, ladylike and pretty. Plus, it actually last. Of course that depends on your own body chemistry but it smell so good.

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