Saturday, November 22, 2014

Calgary, Alberta Canada : Through my eyes. In my words

Cold. Simple yet always trying.
If I had to describe Calgary, those are the words and phrases I would use.
Calgary, Alberta is the first city and province I lived when I moved to Canada.
The black population is non existent and it may seem like an exaggeration but being from Florida, one of the largest states in the U.S and seeing black people all over, not seeing them is a shocker.
I will say that I do love the difference of cultures. Native American, African, Asian, East's a beautiful combination of cultures.
Back to the weather. It is literally always cold except for those few summer months and even then, some of the evenings are really chilly. Once I came back in April and there was still snow on the ground! People walk around in May wearing a scarf! Now that leads me to another issue I have with this city. People are so used to being bundled up and covered up that if you show an ounce of skin or you attempt any sexiness people are looking at you like a nun gone bad. Oh and the number one thing people would point out was that I stuck out like a sore thumb. I oozed blue blood American-ness. I just didn't fit in...but I loved that.
There is not a lot to do in this city. If you like a festival here and there, going to chain restaurants and having many malls in your grasp, this is your city. I am all about malls honey but this city is missing character. With so many different cultures I don't get a feeling of community or that it thing that pulls you back in.
I almost forgot to mention that there is always construction. Like what the hell. Lol
I have to see what all the fuss was about in 10 years. This better be a mega city.

I will say that this city does have heart. They are always trying. They want to be better and there are groups around that are always trying to do something new and have new events for the people. Not far from where I was living they had this random pop up salsa party oh and they have Stampede which is the biggest event in the city (Google it).
As much as I complained about this city...I miss it. It has this quiet softness about it. It has a simplistic dreaminess about it that I adore. It was timid with a big soul. My calmness.
 My home away from home.

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