Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I have been in this mood...this super mood this month. I have been taking Ginseng for energy, B-9, B-12, Vitamin C, Multi Vitamins. I have kept notes all around that say "wake up early".  All around, I have been feeling very productive. I feel like I'm in my moon and something that's supposed to happen to me or me finding my way is wanting me to push for it.
I have an education but I have never felt satisfied just having a degree and being in one field. I want to do so many different things in life. Not just stay in one box. Whatever it is, whatever I'm meant to do, I'm ready.
My Loves, do something different the second you read this. Call that long lost friend right now. Call your crush that's you've been lusting over for a year now, send your resume out for that job even if you have a job. Sew, paint, draw, rap, sing...go skip in the rain.
You're smiling, you're thinking.
Now Go.
Top- Cotton On
Bottom- Forever 21
Shoes- Shoezone
Purse- Vintage
Some Music
Banks- This is what it feels like, Iggy- New Bitch, Rihanna- Now I know, Stevie Nicks- Has anyone ever written anything for you, Subway-Fire, Tech Nine- Fragile, The Braxton's- The Good In Goodbye

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