Saturday, March 9, 2013

Clothing & Shoe Haul !!!

Hey Dollies!

Here are some things I purchased not too long ago.

Um...Sirens, which is a cheap type store in Canada was having a sale.
It is the same or equivalent as Body Central in the states.

Anyways, They were having a sale where all of their clothes were on sale for....wait for it....

.... $1 and some things $2.50!

And the shoes were on sale for $5!

I Purchased so much things that I had to mail a box home to the states.
So this is not everything I picked up, just some of the things.

Pink Skirt- 2.50 (Its way too big since I lost weight :(
Black & White top- $1
 Skirt $1
Scarf  $3 ( This was from another store)
 Black top- $1
Mint Sweater- $2.50
 Pink Dress- $2.50
 Cream Top (This was from Urban Planet) $8
 All Shoes were $5
 These were $5 as well

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