Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Repeat a troubling word—and concept—over and over, until it loses its meaning and its power."


I'm Black American.

But here in Canada I'm always asked if I am Somalian of Ethiopian
I look like neither.
Both places have beautiful people but I don't have those features.

Hmmm...I wonder where my ancestors are from in Africa.

Coat- Ross
Dress- Army and Navy
Tights- TopShop
Boots- Shoezone

 And my face of the day


  1. love the dress, you look great

  2. Hmm i guess there arent many somalis/ethiopians in Canada! Love the dress you look great, and the tights are fantastic on you- shame your not wearing heels but i guess its cold there right.

  3. Actually, There are a lot of both.
    & Thank you!
    But yes, It is too cold and too much snow to wear heels right now :)