Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Summer Bucket List !!!

Hey Babies!

I have so much I want to do this summer 2013.
Nothing big or extravagant like traveling to Ibiza but a lot of small meaningful things.
I will update this by adding and crossing things off as time goes on.

1. Go to Festivals and sit in the grass  Went to one so far
2. Have Picnics Had one so far and another this weekend if it doesn't rain
3. Get my 3rd Tattoo
4. Have Long 28 inch hair 
5. Go to a theme park in Canada
6. Go to a parade  I went to one but it doesnt really count because it was like 1min long. Literally. 
7. Do Fireworks
8. Wear American Flag something...because Duh I am :)
9. Take a road trip
10. Get a professional massage
11. Go out for drinks and dance
12. Paint a picture and hang it
13.Stay up all night doing anything
14. Stay a night at a hotel
15.Roast Marshmallows
16. Get a fun temp summer job
17. Go to the museum
18. Go to flea markets
19. Go to a concert
20. Read Books Im on my second one for the summer
21. Buy and use sidewalk chalk
22. Make a tie die shirt with personal glitter writing on it
23. Bar b que One time so far
24. Make a Canada scrapbook
25. Bungee Jump
26. Go to a comedy show
27. Drink, drink and drink some more...

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