Friday, June 14, 2013

My Summer Essentials: That Glow & That Smell !!!

Hey My Babies!

Summer is well on it's way.

It has been summer weather in Florida long before I came back to Canada but now that it is getting summer quality here in Canada, it is time to get that glow and for me, that summer smell.

 Pink Fresh & Clean- I love this scent. It reminds me of Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue which I thought I brought with me from Florida but it wasn't in my luggage :(
BTW: This has glitter in it. Like teeny bopper glitter but I like it. Lol
Pink Beach Weekend- OMG, I am going to the semi-annual sale in order to see if I can get the bigger bottle on sale but I will tell you that I love this scent. It smells like sun tan oil, salt, sugar, vodka...just summer in a freaking bottle! When I wear this, my confidence is at a 10! I feel so sexy and powerful.
Johnson's Baby Oil Gel- If I wear shorts or skirts or anything skin bearing, I always wear this. It just makes my skin shine like no other. 
Secret Fantasies On The Prowl- This also remind me of Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. So glad I have this with me since I left the D&G behind. 

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil- Look, I don't need to tan but I will say I love this so much. I use it as a lotion but it shines like the Johnson's Baby Oil Gel and I pair it with the Pink Beach Weekend Mist and it pairs beautifully.
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration- I love Hawaiian Tropic products. This one has spf 30 and it smells so pretty and so perfect for summer. Plus, it gives the skin a slight bronze tint which I love.
VS The Beauty Of Brazil Liquid Bronzing Brush- I have had this for years and I have forgotten to use it some summers but I use it with my Baby Oil and it gives the legs and arms the most beautiful even color. 
Hard Candy Glow All The Way Tropical Tan- I love this product and I usually mix it with my baby oil and it has this subtle gold glitter in it but not cheesy big glitter, like finely grained non existent glitter that gives you a gold glow.  BTW: It has 24k gold infused in it!

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