Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Gifts/Haul !!!

Hey Dolls!

This is long over due and I didn't want to reach February not having done my Christmas post.
So here it is :)
Majority of everything is from the boyfriend.

I have been wanting a pink scarf and babe gave this to me as a stocking suffer.
My earphones suck ass! So baby got me some really good ones from Apple. These are great!
He also got me a Christmas card with money!
 I have been wanting both a snuggie and a foot massager for a while and he got both for me.
He had me fooled that I wouldn't get either but I knew I would! 
 Ok, so a rule in the house is no shoes. So not only can I not take full outfit pics with my shoes but I also can't see how my outfit looks with the shoes I'm wearing because I can't put them on in the house!
So...He got me a mirror that we hung in our door way entrance that way I can hold the door open and look at my entire outfit :)
 Basic white tee and a circle scarf.
 My current camera sucks! 
Like I have had to bang it on the ground in order to make it work.
So I received a new one for Christmas!!!
Canaon Power Shot A2400 IS
Along with the small camera bag you see next to it. 
Can you believe it. That was way too sweet and I didn't even know how to respond. 
I was overwhelmed with happiness!
I love it!!!!
 I also received a bunch of socks(I love them)
Some German Candy (Babes parents are German decent)
And an awesome bracelet. 
 A close up of my Bracelet.
The color is for Success. 
It is by Charmology.
Love it!
 I also received both these sets. 
One is a shower gel set and the other is perfume. 
From the shower gel set the best smelling one is Lemon Sherbet. It smells just like Lemon Heads candy!
From the perfume set-let me tell you, these things smell so freaking good! My favorite 3 are 
On the prowl-which smells just like Dolce & Gabanna Light blue
Va Va Voom- Which smell so good. It doesn't remind me of anything out there but it is masculine and spicy. It is so erotic and different.
Fireworks- This smells awesome and sweet with a hint of musk. Just awesome.
 Some Earrings from H&M- On Sale
Purse- Some international store with no duty fees. So everything is super cheap.
 Striped leggings- H&M
Beanie- Winners
Angry Birds Tee- Sears
I wore all of this as an outfit recently. It looked so freaking awesome!
 Crop Top- Sirens
 Head scarfs- Dollar Giant
Earrings- Sirens
Leggings- Sirens

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