Friday, January 25, 2013

Where Have I Been For A Week?

On a 7 day diet.
It went great and I will be doing a separate post on that today...
but during that time....I don't think I was thinking straight enough to write a post.
Lack of food + thinking = Delusions.

Before my diet this was a bunch of the food I was eating and cooking + recipes.

I was obsessed with ice cream for a while. Like everyday.
Vanilla and sprinkles. 
  1 cup of watermelon chopped
1 orange.
1oz of simple syrup
Peach juice
A few shots of vodka
Mix it all in a blender and enjoy :)

This was really good. 
I rate it a solid A
It is Chinese rice and chicken.
Here is the link to the recipe and directions.

Enjoy for me because unfortunately i'm on this new health kick :)

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