Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hey Dolls!
I love the color Mint...I think everyone loves the color Mint.
Well, These particular earrings that I am wearing, I originally saw them in the store and didn't buy them. I loved them but didn't get them.
After thinking about them for at least a month I went back and purchased them. They were buy one get one free or half off!

Mint Earrings- Call It Spring
Mint Head Scarf- Random store
 This Picture is before my 10lb weight loss.
I will label all of my pics that are before the weight loss which happens to be a lot of upcoming pictures and post, which kind of gives away how far behind in posting I am....Sowwy!
 Shirts- Gift from friend
Belt- Hot Topic
Bottoms- Macys
Converse Inspired Sneakers- $5 Fashions 
 With the weight drop and my healthy change I hope to keep the boo-tay!

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