Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big Lots Haul!

Big Lots is a discount store that sells everything. It's not very popular but you can find some great things there.

 Epielle Cucumber cleansing tissues> They smell so good! The downside is that it takes 2 wipes to do what 1 should. Cost-$1.00
 No name highlighter brush> This brush reminds me of a foundation brush by MAC. The back says its best used for powders but I have enough powder brushes so I want to give it a try as a foundation brush.
 Maybelline pure makeup in dark 3 > I tried this on my hand and it seems like it may be too dark for my face so I will have to end up using it as a contour. Sucks! I was excited about this at first because it is oil free which is great for me because I have really oily skin. Cost-$2.00

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