Monday, October 10, 2011

Ruby Tuesday's

A while ago...(I'm late posting) My friend Terri and I had a movie day & also went out to eat.
Here are some of the pics.

This is the Movie area. Not sure why I didn't get a pic of the actual cinema, just the area. Blah
 I need to point out these little ass biscuits they gave us. They look like the ones they give you at Red Lobsters except at Red Lobsters they are much bigger and taste much better. Both my friend and I are tying to get thick and one little biscuit each won't cut it '____'  Lol
 We decided to splurge on this lobster cheese dip. One word-Don't. It wasnt worth it.
 My meal. Im overall disappointed in Ruby Tuesdays. How is one crab cake sufficient as a meal, despite the sides!...Maybe i'm just greedy :)
 On the way leaving Ruby Tuesdays, I wanted to get a slice of red velvet cake from California Pizza Kitchen. Being that it cost about $8 for one slice I passed. I do want to point out that they make the #1 best red velvet cake I have ever had.

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