Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dollar Tree Haul !!! Part 2

If you scroll down below, you will see part 1 which consisted of beauty products.
Part 2 will show all of the other random items I purchased.

Reminder: The dollar tree is a store where EVERYTHING is $1.

All of this = $9

 ~Kids wipes - I think it's important for ladies to keep wipes in their purse. It's better than just tissue...if you know what I mean. #sofresh soclean
~Shower cap- I thought this was really cute and the flowers make it kind of old school. Loves it. (cant get my weave wet) Lol
~Socks- They are so fluffy and perfect for the upcoming winter.

~Portable Ipod speaker- This is so cute and perfect for only $1!
~Winnie The Pooh Watch- How adorable is this! I'm so going to wear it.
~Princess Watch- I love anything princess. I was thinking about keeping this in my collection or just giving it to my niece.

 ~Portable mirror w/stand- I needed this. I don't have a compact at all :what:! So this is perfect for on the go & the best part is that is has a stand so I can sit it down while I fix my makeup. Win!
~Cone mask- I know this is extra random but when I clean, especially a deep clean around the house, I can not stand the fumes from the cleaning products so I am so happy I found these.
~ 3 in 1 foot scrubber- I need this. Point blank period. Keep the feet nice. Lol ;)

This below is for N.J.
Just needed to show you the Nutella ;)


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