Friday, October 14, 2011

Cheap Vs Expensive

I have been looking for a good makeup brush cleaner. The two brushes in the picture are by Mac and they are expensive as Hell.
The top brush which is the Mac foundation brush cost around $32 and the bottom powder brush which is the mac 150 brush cost around $42.
Being that they are so expensive, I wanted to find a good cleaner that wouldn't damage the brush hairs & also a cleaner that was not expensive like the Mac cleaner.
 I read that the Organic Olive oil  (on the right hand side) which cost around $8 and is actually a hair shampoo works really great for cleaning brushes. I tried it and it is true. It works very well. Being that I use this shampoo for my hair I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. (It can be found in the ethnic hair section in any Walmart or Target)

I was at the Dollar Tree and found this knock off Olive oil shampoo and for only $1 (The one on the left) I thought I would try it on my brushes. I was scared at first because again the brushes are expensive but it ended up working really well! I will note that my brushes are a little more soft when I used the more expensive Olive oil but non the less, It works just as well for a fraction of the price! :)


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