Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pizza & Hot Dogs

I needed biscuits...

And it was a nice day so I decided that I would walk. 
Walgreens is really close to me
Nice day + Close store =

Bad Idea. 
Why you ask?
Well, because Walgreens did not have biscuits
And I ended up buying this
Which by the way I love!
I have noticed growth in my nails already with only one application
and it was on sale for only $1.74
down from around $6 bucks
and I also purchased some candles that were on sale for $0.20cent 

There was a CVS across the street
but I had to cross a busy highway
just to get biscuits
I get there and there are no biscuits...
Are biscuits really that hard to come by...
As I walk back home
I decide to try one more store
although i'm really scared bc it's getting dark outside
I go to Sams club
and they don't have biscuits...
I'm so confused

Well, I ended up buying a slice of pizza and a Hot dog for dinner bc I couldn't find the biscuits I needed in order to cook my chicken & dumplings.

The lip color I am wearing is a lip gloss by Sephora called Orange Juice and I lined my lips with a Jumbo lip pencil by Nyx called Vixen

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