Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Cranberry

Last night, I had this pina colada frozen drink thing and I added these frozen mixed berries. I thought it was going to be so good but I added too much and it turned out horrible. Plus, one of the fruits was pomegranate but the seeds from it made my drink worse.

Anyways, the point of my title is because the color of my outfit reminds me of the color of my drink. Super dark berrylicious.

Jacket> Charlotte Russe
Shirt> Forever 21
Pants> Guess Jeans
Shoes> BCBG

Free & Cheap.
I had a coupon for a free Pink Chiffon lotion from Bath & Body Works 
They had 75% off of the Charmed Life lotion so I got it for $0.70 cent.

My lovely shoes by BCBG
I always get so many compliments on them when I wear them.
Snake Skin

My mom had these earrings on her dresser and I have been eyeing them so she finally gave them to me!

I bought this electric razor today. I hope it works!

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