Sunday, January 15, 2012

Princess Party !!!

My Friends Jessica, V, and I hosted a princess party at Jessica's house for 6 lucky little girls. One being my niece and another being my little cousin. One of the girls was Jessica & V's niece and 3 of their little cousins.


 Our Candy Bar!!!
We were super excited about this!

 The food table.
V made a drink called cucumber lemonade. 
SO good!
the little girls didn't like it but the adults loved it.
 The Mani, Pedi & Facial area

The craft table

 We put cute little Princess Tiaras around the water

 Name tags for the girls. Plus their little princess notepads and cute face towels.
My niece is the only one to put her entire name.

Jess & I with our big princess crowns
 Me giving my first pedi.
Lord Jesus.
I was tired.
 V & my niece getting a facial
 Me as hell
 Another princess getting a facial
My painting Job
 Jess doing the Mani's

 Aren't they adorable!!!
My niece and I.
I look crazy.

 The ladies making their icecream pretty

 Me with my cupcake. 
I look so hot & sweaty.
But I had lots of fun!

Their candy bags to take home & their cupcakes.
 Little brown princesses. 
We need to start uplifting and spending quality times with the little ladies in our lives. 
Letting them know how special they are & to stay in school, continue their education and not to worry about boys.

 The next morning we cooked them breakfast & it was all over :(

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