Thursday, August 22, 2013

Food. Food & More Food.

Hey Loves!

I have been cooking a lot & trying lots of recipes.
The boyfriend claims that I don't really cook ALOT but I think I do.
I then figured out that I actually cook more treats than actual meals.
So maybe I won't be the best Susie homemaker but I would make a great mom because the kids would always have treats.

This here is a seafood Hobo Meal.
I steamed my crabs first.
I also Boiled some potatoes.
I then put the steamed crabs and potatoes in some aluminum foil and baked them in garlic butter sauce.
So SO SO Good!
Cake Batter Milk Shake.
Half a cup of dry cake batter
Mix it.
Pour it and add sprinkles.
Cheesy baked chicken with Veggies on the side.
All Natural homemade icepops.
Coconut yogurt or pineapple yogurt.
Watermelon cut into cubs
Mix and freeze.
Amazingly good.
This was my first major fail.
I was supposed to make pastel stuffed cookies but I purchased a box of cheap cookie mix and this is the result. Don't buy the cheap stuff or cheap icing-Yuck!
Summer drink.
Watermelon cut into cubes.
7 up
Vodka or your choice (you can omit this)
Mix and serve.

Back Yard Dip.
Cream Cheese
Hidden valley ranch dry mix
Bell Peppers

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