Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Newly In

Aura Candle
This was a gift and I really like it.
I love candles and this one has a subtle scent but it expands and engulfs the entire house. 
  It Burns up to 48 hrs continuously
Two of my favorite things this month.
Pretzel Crisp. They are made like chips but taste like pretzels.
Omg- I can't eat just one.
You can find them at Costco
Crystal Light in liquid form.
This flavor is Strawberry Lemonade.
Omg Omg. This is so amazing!
Zero Calories.
At Dollarama I found this cute little ice pack. It's so adorable like the ones you see in the movies.
And just a USB cable.
Nair Milk & Honey Wax.
I can't really say how well it is but I only used it once and it wasn't that great.

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