Sunday, August 25, 2013

Niece & Nephews Back To School Edition

This is my youngest nephew. He is too young for school but he was recently at a high school football game and the Local Newspaper loved his smile so much that they took a picture and featured him in the paper and on their online edition.
Isn't he so cute!
This is my oldest nephew. He started 1st grade this year!
So Handsome!
He has to wear uniforms.
Bottoms- Walmart
Shoes- Journeys
 Backpack- Walmart
 This is my only niece.
She just started the 7th grade.
My princess is so cute!
Top- Jcpenny
Bottoms- Jcpenny
Shoes- Jcpenny
  She told me that the new trend is Army so that's what she wanted.
 Backpack- Walmart

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