Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Wish List !

Let me start off with the bad news> I won't be getting anything for Christmas this year :(

But, It is all right with me because Holidays are about giving, not receiving and I am giving out lots of gifts this year just like every year so I feel good. I even did a few toys for charity so I feel good :)

Plus, God has blessed me way beyond Christmas gifts every year and he has kept me in times I didn't think I deserved to be helped and to top it off, It's his day anyways :)

Now, I have seen a lot of you dolls do your Christmas list for things you want and will be receiving this year and I can't wait to read some of my favorite blogs after the holidays to see what you all got!!!

Below will be pictures of things I would want for Christmas if I were getting gifts :)

1.) Philosophy Grace- This is the number one selling item by Philosophy and from what I have read it is very clean smelling and great for every day use.

2.) Small Deep Fryer- I am southern and I fry everything. I know it's bad for your health and weight but it's so good I can't help it. This will just make everything so much easier to fry.

3.) Home foot spa- My mom owns one and I have been trying to get her to give it to me for a while...but she won't :( So, I really want my own. It's cheaper to take care of your feet at home and to do a good job I need one of these babies.
4.) A pair of black leather pants. I need more bottoms for the winter and black leather pants are always sexy for a woman.

That's it! :) 
I never want a lot and I may treat myself and by myself one of these things off of this list. 
If I do, I will take a picture and share :)

Btw: I will most likely make one or two more post before Christmas eve and 
Christmas day. If not, Happy Holidays to you all!

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