Friday, December 2, 2011

His & Hers

Christmas Tree's

I made one for me and the other for my Love.

 I don't know why blogger chooses to flip some pics the wrong way.
Anyways, these are some of my nieces first Christmas Ornaments.

Other than my little his and hers Christmas Tree's, I'm not buying a tree so I threw some lights and Ornaments on my indoor plant. Lol

Random > I purchased this from Target for $1 when I was going to look for the Babylips by Maybelline they had on sale (they were sold out)
But I used this the other day and it actually works! Such a great cheap buy.

The intended use is to clear & prevent acne. I do not suffer from acne but when I'm stressed and just being a girl, I tend to get a small pimple from time to time and this is great to get rid of it fast.

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