Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December !!!

I can not believe it is the first day of December. I haven't even did any Xmas shopping yet :eek: !

Anywho, Here are some new random pics. Btw: I promise to do my Nov favorites in the next few days. I said I was going to do my Oct favorites but I never got a chance to do it.

I really hope no one steals my new Xmas bow like they stole my lucky bamboo from by my door.

 Blackberry Baby. I need a bling back for my curve. If anyone knows a cheap seller, please email me ;)
 Just a ootd I wore some days ago. Don't ask me why I'm standing like this...or breathing like a idiot. Lol

Top> Victoria's secret college collection. The University of Miami
Bag> Nine West
 Some recent purchases. Of course i'm sharing these bc I had coupons and this stuff was a great deal. The real total of all of this should have been about $11 and I paid less than $4

Welch's chillers> $2.09 but I had a $1.00 off coupon and paid $1.09
Johnson's Shower wash> $3.24 and I had a $1.00 off coupon and paid $2.24
Gillette Custom razors> $5.24 and I had a $5.00 of coupon and paid $0.24 cent!!!

 I never grow tired of these. I eat these during me and my baby love's movie days :)
and he never complains about my crunching Lol

This is a better picture of the Jewelry I was wearing in the black party pictures.
My baby love picked them out and sent them to me. Each piece is one of a kind and not duplicated by the boutique.
I love them so!!!
Thank you honey!!!


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