Monday, December 5, 2011

What I've learned ...

I always hope to learn something everyday, but I am going to start doing a post every week on one great thing I have learned and will share it here.

1.) Let things go.
I mean the little things. You can not go your entire life fighting every.single.battle. Humans are humans, we fuck up and if you can't forgive the people you love for little mistakes they have made > you will live a lonely ass life.

Be it friends, family (mom, dad, sister...) Boyfriend, fiance, husband > learn to cut people some slack. Now, there are some things you should not let go and I am saying this for the ladies especially for the little women in my life such as cousins or my little niece who may read my blog in the future, I want them to know that you should never take any shit from a man. (read more below)

If a man does make you feel like a good women, if he cheats, lies, if he compares you to to other bitches in his past or future> Let his ass go & tell him to be with that chick.
If he doesn't make you feel like a princess or make you feel like you are the greatest gift to the world...Keep it moving.
Never settle or you will regret it for the rest of your life. There are some good men in this world and no woman should be with anyone who makes her feel less than. I'm just sayin :)

One last thing> Never and I mean, NEVER force anyone to be with you. If they want you, they will be with you and stay with you. Unless you need to apologize and ask forgiveness for some heavy shit, otherwise: if they want to leave> don't you beg no man to stay. I mean that with my all ladies.


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