Friday, December 9, 2011

November Favorites !!!

I finally got around to doing this!!! I hope you all are as happy as I am about this post.
All of the items you will see in this post will consist of Makeup items that I have been loving all last month.


Face Items
 Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray> I love this spray. I have been using Mac's Fix+ for a while but it doesn't set my makeup as well as this does. I can spray this in the morning and my makeup last all day. There are times when I have to blot some shine away because I have oily skin but otherwise, it works great.

Maybelline Super Stay Makeup>  I love love this makeup. The first time I used it I actually hated it. The reason being is that I purchased the wrong color and it is too dark. That is until I decided to mix it with the next foundation I will talk about in this post and it made the PERFECT shade for me. This makeup does not move at all. It is a liquid foundation but it is drying which is perfect for me because I have oily skin.

Revlon Color Stay Makeup For Oily/Combination Skin>  I have the hardest time finding foundation. I really think I have the weirdest skin tone or something and it is so hard to match. As with the previous makeup, when I purchased this one I hated it because this one was too light but I mixed it with the above foundation and it made the best, most awesome color for me. For people who may use this foundation alone, I just want to say that it is made for oily skin but it is not matte the skin which is not good for people with oily skin. Although it may work just fine in the colder weather as the cold dries the skin.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer in 001> This is currently my favorite primer. I have also been using Skin Prep FX Primer which is extra expensive (around $40) and this Rimmel is a fraction of the cost (around $7) and it works way better in my opinion. The color is not clear like most primers but it is an eggshell white dry creme and it does not blend well into brown skin BUT when you apply your foundation over it, it works perfect. It mattifies my foundation and dries the oil out of my face. I love it so.

Covergirl Concealer Stick in 715 medium > I am still looking for my perfect concealer but this has been working very well for me. It is thick and covers all of my imperfections. I also use it under my eye for a brightening effect and it works well for that.

Eye Products
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion> So I am sure everybody and their momma has either tried or heard about this eyeshadow primer. It is on the more expensive side but it does what it says and very well at that. I use my cheapest eyeshadows with this baby and the colors pop like no other. It's tried and true.

L.A Colors Eyeshadow in Precious> The top three colors give the Naked Palette a run for it's money. {No, i'm not delusional, I'm serious} When these colors are used alongside the Primer Potion I mentioned above, the colors are nothing short of amazing. They give the most perfect "I'm not wearing makeup, I look this pretty naturally" look. I love it so much that I went to three other Dollar trees (Yes it cost only $1.00 !!!) until I found another to have as a backup.
*Sorry about the quality of the swatches. My cam sucks ass. These are the top three colors in the eyeshadow palette above.

Sorry that blogger flipped another picture yet again.

Wet & Wild Matte lipstick in 902c> The Wet & Wild Matte lipsticks have names but only on the wrapper before you tear it off to open & use it, so I don't know the real name. I have 90% of all the colors from the Wet & Wild Matte lipstick collection and this one is my favorite. It is of course matte but it is my perfect nude! I love it and I have to purchase a backup because I will be running out of this very soon.

*A swatch of the lipstick
Hope you all enjoyed my November Favorites :)

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